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2018 Call for Proposals

The Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc. Lighthouse Almanac


The concept of social justice in the mathematics classroom can be viewed through three lenses – “about” social justice, “with” social justice and “for” social justice.  About social justice is planning a lesson to look at serious or even provocative issues using mathematics. With social justice, the focus is the manner of interactions and the climate within the classroom.  The teacher uses various practices within classroom relationships that encourage equal participation and status.  For social justice, the practices are founded on the belief that mathematics is the tool to be used to challenge the status quo that is adversely impacted by the lack of social justice.

Although children of all ages are reflecting on tough social issues, so many opportunities for teachers to draw upon these powerful realities as anchors for curriculum and instruction are lost. This type of curriculum and instruction can be developed through a social justice curriculum.  We believe a social justice curriculum must be inclusive of materials, practices, and beliefs which these three lenses outline to achieve the goal of this type of teaching and learning.

The Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc. will bring attention to social justice in mathematics in our upcoming publication of The Lighthouse Almanac. The information shared in this journal will be a resource in which PK-16 educators, school administrators, college/university faculty, parents, and other stakeholders can find solutions to current and pressing concerns connected to the mathematics education of African-American students.

Contributions are welcomed from teachers and users of mathematics at any level.  A submission could be one of the following related to the theme for this issue:

  • A personal story / original essay;
  • An abstract describing your current research or related projects you are developing;
  • Commentary of a current event or issue;
  • An activity or lesson for PK-16 teachers or teacher educators;
  • A resource for parents; or
  • A tool (e.g. A Cultural Proficiency Rubric / Checklist) for educators, school administrators


Proposals will be reviewed and accepted based on their alignment to the mission and goals of the Benjamin Banneker Association, Inc.

Proposal Submission Deadline: May 31, 2018

For more information, please contact Brian Lawler at


  • Brian Lawler, Kennesaw State University
  • Brea Ratliff, Southern Methodist University

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