What is the mission, vision, and purpose of the Benjamin Banneker Association?

September 18, 2017 Brea Ratliff

On Friday, September 8, in our first meeting during the 2017 Benjamin Banneker Association,Inc. Leadership Retreat, we brainstormed a list of several ideas which would guide the work we would undertake over the next couple of days. This mind map shows the thoughts, questions, and suggestions which came out of that discussion:


As we moved into Day 2 of the Retreat, and spent some time learning the history of the Benjamin Banneker Association and reviewing our constitution and by-laws, we were able to gain a clearer picture of who we are and why we do what we do.  Over the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll continue to unpack and clarify who we are as an organization, and to ensure all of our members and supporters are on the same page.

Part 1: Who We Are and What We Do

In the Preamble to the Constitution for the Benjamin Banneker Association our goals are stated as such:

Not all of our members are educators, nor are we all of African-American / black descent.  Our membership is open to any and everyone who is concerned about the educational and developmental needs of African-American children.


So, how will we accomplish these goals?


Here’s how we will further the mission of our organization over the next two years:

We plan to do this by continuing to develop the activities and programs we currently have:

  • National partnerships with organizations such as NCTM, TODOS, NAM, CBMS, CASIO and others
  • National professional development through mathematics education conferences
  • Publications, such as The Lighthouse and the Social Justice Position Statement
  • Development of social justice lessons and workshops for school administrators
  • BBA Student Scholarships
  • BBA Student Affiliate Groups for K-12
  • Receiving regional and national grants to further the mission of the organization
  • Outreach through events such as the AME STEM Academy, Annual School Visits, and the Boys and Girls Club Partnership
  • The celebration of Benjamin Banneker through Benjamin Banneker Week activities
  • BBA Literary Circle Webinars

If you are interested in supporting any of the above activities, or adding to this list, please join BBA and know that you are needed! Stayed tuned for Part 2 – The History of BBA.



2 Comments on “What is the mission, vision, and purpose of the Benjamin Banneker Association?

  1. Great job and kudos to our President Brea Ratliff and the entire BBA Leadership Team.
    I’m sorry I missed the meeting. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma had other plans for me and my family here in Florida. However, all is well. From what I have seen above, it was an exciting and productive meeting. I look forward to continuing to work collaboratively to support and fulfill the mission and vision of BBA. I encourage all to take a close look at what you can do to support the work. Our children need it and they need you.

    Working together, we do make a difference!!

    Margaret Walker
    Immediate Past President – BBA

  2. Great work! Glad to have met Edray G. and learn more about NAM. Excited to have educators as well as local individuals interested in the BBA mission.

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